Tata Leban

Spirit Dance with Tata Leban and Ray Ippolito 

Dance is more than we think it is. It is simply a meditation where you move from your head through your body into your spirit and leave everything behind, let go of who you think you are, and get know your true self! Dance is a meditation that heals us and everyone around us!

Not only you change, your life changes and relationship with yourself and others! 

Through dance one of my experience became to rise the vibration in my body and release all the resistance that mind creates... By raising the vibration we can celebrate and dance our future desires and happy moments before they even  manifest in our reality. We can grieve very deeply in a short period of time, and release all that no longer serves us, and release all the resistance through the dance. Through the embodiment of dance we can make magic happen and let go of all that blocks our future...After all, we can embrace our dreams, the life we desire, that is ahead of us, with clarity, with joy, with maturity, with forgiveness, with compassion and Love! 

Trough the Dance journey with us, Ray Ippolito and his ecstatic drum and percussion help us to feel the beat of the universe and beat of our own heart. 

The use of drums has been recognized as being able to put people into spiritual trances throughout history.  Drum is a medicine of the spirit, it opens the gates to hear the ancient wisdom, heartbeat of our mother earth, helping us to connect to our roots, to the ground, to the earth!