Jennifer Polansky & James Stephens

Title of Class:  Cooling Restorative Yoga and Reiki healing

This is a restorative yoga class with hands on (or off) Reiki healing while you lay in different poses. Restorative yoga is a perfect way to stretch your muscles, cool your body, sleep better, digest better, function better, do EVERYTHING more efficiently!!!  

Hi! I'm a yoga teacher, nutritionist and Reiki healer. My main focus is restoring the body and allowing our natural self-healing mechanisms to kick in. Our bodies have an uncanny ability to self heal, if we just give it the chance! Restorative yoga is a perfect way to tap in, while also getting a physical boost .

James is a Reiki practitioner who works with me during group restorative yoga classes, so that everyone gets an opportunity to experience the healing power of Reiki - the universal life force energy!

Duration of workshop: 1 hr - 90 mins

Participant should bring: water

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