Jen Clarke

Happiness is a Habit: Start Keep a Happyness Jar

I will bring scissors and decorative paper and help people construct colorful/fun envelopes that they can attach to a mason jar when they get home. I will talk through the psychology of and methods for keeping mason jar journals. Because the jar only requires around 30 seconds of time a day it is fun, the visual sensory experience and use of scent help people connect to their jar (the totem) in a different way than they would a traditional journal. It's an easy fun idea that works for all ages. Visit to see our jars...we will help people create the paper assets so that they can make affix them to their own glass jar when they get home.

Jennifer Clarke is an artist, burner, and digital strategist. Born in Philadelphia, PA - she has traveled to England, France, and all over the US teaching and creating art. Her Happyness Jar project is aimed at helping people cultivate mindfulness and happiness through the use of mason jar journals. In her spare time she enjoys reading, crafting, and yoga.