Ben Halper

A 90-minute journey into mental samadhi, Agni / Soma Yoga brings the full spectrum of yogic practices into a single practice that will shed your external layers and bring your outer self in unity with your core. Beginning with seated meditation and pranayama, moving into Iyengar-influenced alignment work, flowing through dynamic, athletic vinyasa, accessing deeper layers with Yin, and finally cooling down with restorative, this practice leaves the yogi in a state of total mental freedom that will travel with the yogi for the rest of their Migration journey.

Agni / Soma Yoga - My partner Kristin Coy and I are yoga and meditation teachers in New York, and have been conducting tandem-led “Agni / Soma” yoga classes, and would be interested in bringing our class to Migration this year. We each specialize in contrasting ends of the yoga spectrum – Kristin brings grounding, healing, Yin, restorative, and Nidra sensibilities, while my practice focuses on dynamic, athletic vinyasa with pranayama to generate internal heat. We combine these aspects into single 75-90 minutes tandem-led classes that bring chakra alignment and mental Samadhi into a unified journey, and would love to volunteer our instruction for Gratitude:Migration this year. You can view more about Kristin at her website –