Andriana Santiago

Class Tittle: Improv Life

Improv Life is a Workshop with a focus on how improv comedy parallels to life, relates to communication and inspires empowerment.

Improv is a practice in mindfulness and listening. It is playful and frees the mind. It creates a safe space of positivity to feel fully expressed with no inhibitions. It is focused on agreeability not negating. Improv Comedy is not about ‘being funny’. One cannot control what the others find funny. The humor just ‘happens’ from being so immersed in the moment and in the now with complete listening and responding to the exact last thing the person said without negating. This is a form of agreeability is called “Yes anding”. There is no negating, therefore it creates acknowledgment. This elevates the ‘scene’ with positivity and moves it along. We can apply this to life by elevating and empowering relationships and those we interact with by acknowledging them and adding on to ideas. In this workshop we will focus on how this connection forms a partnership and comradery. We build an imaginary world together and live in it. The mind is able to exercise possibilities in a space and time where everything is truth just because we say so. 

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