Gertrude Scocozza

Title of Class:  "Hip Hop Flow"

Experience the evolution of Hip Hop on your mat through traditional Vinyasa Flow.

After discovering the love of yoga for herself, Gertrude Scocozza decided to share that joy with others.  A Registered Yoga teacher and Certified Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga teacher, Gertrude teaches traditional Vinyasa Flow yoga in an untraditional musical journey.  She brings therapeutic chair practice to life with music to engage Seniors while building strength. The benefits of the practice continue onto the mat for all ages with specific music genres to make her flow practice both energetic and fun.  Also studying to be a Health Coach, Gertrude recently started Yogtrition, LLC to integrate wellness with yoga by helping her students find balance both on their yoga mats and in their life.

Teaching Experience: A certified teacher of Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga, I've taught therapeutic chair to Seniors of Chelsea Senior Living assisted livings in New Jersey. As a registered yoga teacher, I've taught traditional Vinyasa mat yoga in Athleta stores, to students in 21st Century after-school program in Linden, and have also assisted in Restorative yoga workshops and in Kiddie Yoga programs through Satsang Yoga in Westfield.

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