2016 Vending Information Sheet

Thank you for your interest in vending at Gratitude Migration this year.

 Important dates:

  • June 15 Online application deadline
  • July 1 Health Permit applications due to The Borough of Keansburg
  • July 1 All vendor fees due to Gratitude Migration
  • July 13 Food Vendors may start arriving on-site for setup during daylight hours
  • July 14 Ready for on-site health inspection by Noon
  • July 15 Gates open to the general public at 10am
  • July 15 Open for vending by 12pm
  • July 17 Breakdown and exit by 6pm

IMPORTANT: The front gate will only be open for entry during daylight hours. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter when the gate is closed, so please plan to arrive during the day.

Applications: To be considered for food vending, you must fill out the online application no later than June 15th. Submitting an application does not guarantee a space. The sooner we receive the application the sooner we may notify you if you are accepted. If you are accepted as a vendor, we will confirm with you no later than July 1.

Food Vendor Cost: $600 guaranteed flat fee plus a 15% percentage of net sales over $600. All guarantees must be paid before the event. Food vendor fee includes 3 staff admission tickets, 1 vendor vehicle pass, 1 runner vehicle pass with in/out privileges. Additional staff passes can be requested depending on your setup and vending hours. Note that your runner vehicle must exit and enter the gate during daytime hours.

Bazaar Vendor Cost: $500 flat for bazaar vendor 10'x10', $750 for 10'x20' and an additional $250 to share a booth. 

Sustainability initiative:  Gratitude Migration is a Green Festival with a priority on Eco Consciousness, Sustainability, Compassion, Mindfulness, Responsibility and Love. All food vendors must be 100% locally and responsibly sourced.

Vending Hours: Vendors must be set up and ready to vend by 12pm Friday 7/15/16. Gates open to the general public at 10am Friday, and WE REQUIRE YOU ARRIVING ON OR BEFORE THURSDAY AND BE PREPARED FOR HEALTH INSPECTION THURSDAY NOON. Vending on Thursday is optional and encouraged as there will be staff onsite. Vendors are required to be open for vending between the hours of 10am and dusk Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Additional hours are at vendor’s discretion and encouraged as this is a 24 hour event.

Food Health Permit: All food vendors will be inspected by the Keansburg County Health Department on Thursday 7/14/16. The time of your inspection will be determined by the Health Department. Should you require special arrangements you must speak directly with the Health Department. 

Food Applications: For Mamouth County temporary food service permits can be downloaded from their website at http://www.visitmonmouth.com/Documents/118/2011TemporaryFoodLicenseProcedures.pdf and are the sole responsibility of the vendor. Please note that Health Department Applications must be filed at least seven days in advance of the event but we recommend submitting the application ASAP. Gratitude Migration requires you to submit these by June 1st because the Summer Fest event permit is not approved by the County until your vendor application is received.

Sales Tax & Licenses/Permits: License/Permits & NJ Sales Tax collection and payment are solely the responsibility of each vendor. 

Insurance Certificate: Vendors must carry liability insurance for a minimum of one million dollars and must include Gratitude Migration, and The Borough of Keansburg as additional insured on the policy and provide proof of this insurance.

Additional Insurance: Vendors are expected to insure their own property. Gratitude Migration is not responsible for this coverage. The insurance of whatever nature, including but not limited to, liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance shall be the responsibility of the vendor and shall be obtained at his/her own expense and initiation. Gratitude Migration assumes no responsibility of any kind for insurance on behalf of the vendor.

Health / Safety: Proper food-handler safety regulations and sanitation will be expected to be upheld and maintained at all times while at Gratitude Migration Summer Dream, and will be inspected periodically throughout weekend

Strike/Exit: Vendors must plan on being packed and off site by Monday 7/18/16 by 6pm.

Booths/Trucks: Vendors are to provide their own structures and all elements necessary to vend their wares. Please be prepared to secure your booths on grass, if required. Booth/truck location to be determined by Gratitude Migration and retains the privilege to change locations for any reason.

Security: You should prepare to secure your booth/valuables. We will have security in the area as well but we cannot be responsible for your items while you are away from your booth or vehicle.

Camping: There are tent camping spaces available nearby your vending area.

Fees due: All vendor fees are due to Gratitude Migration by July 1st. We will provide payment details to approved vendors. If you have not paid your fees by the 1st, or arrangements to pay before the event, you may not vend at the event.

Water: Potable water is available on site.

Power: A reasonable amount of supplemental power will be provided. Please submit your power needs to the vending coordinator no later than June 1st. Include all items such as blenders, refrigerators, coffee makers, fans, etc. which require large draws of power. You must bring power strips and at least 200 feet of extension cords and anything necessary to vend and illuminate your booth.

LNT: This is a leave no trace event. Dumpsters are available onsite and it is your responsibility to keep your area clean and dispose of any and all trash associated with your truck/booth.

Safety: All vendors must have a first aid kit, ABC fire extinguisher and meet fire marshal standards.

Sound Systems: You may not bring in sound systems. A small audio source is acceptable.

Visual: Presentation is important. We love creativity, but please no obnoxious signage or lighting. If possible, submit pictures of your booth/signage with your application.

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions, you may contact our vending coordinator at bazaar@migratewith.us