Thank you for respecting others. Please do not pass judgement on someone’s gender, race, sexual identity or their ability/disability. All participants are invited to safely enjoy their fullest expression.

Thank you for respecting our rules and guidelines and not bringing any contraband weapons, fireworks, excess alcohol or illegal drugs, or other items that may disrupt the energy we are creating together.

Thank you for Leaving A Positive Trace.  Thank you for helping us to uphold our commitment to sustainability by preparing responsibly and removing any unnecessary packaging before you get to the beach. Thank you for bringing a reusable refillable water bottle. If you see any “Matter Out Of Place” (MOOP), dispose of it properly at a sustainability station and sort it for recycling and trash disposal. 

Thank you for asking for consent. If you’re unsure if something is ok, simply ask first! Don’t touch, photograph, or stare too long without consent. Never assume that someone's clothing or appearance is an invitation for you to invade their personal space in any way. Non-consensual touching or sexual advances are never ok and will not be tolerated. 

Thank you for respecting boundaries by making them clear to others and asking others about their boundaries.

Thank you for respecting our environment and our hosts, including the town of Keansburg and all the wildlife. We work with the local authorities and township to create a safe space for everyone. Please be respectful and gracious to those sharing their home with us.

Thank you for being aware. If you see something, say something. Be mindful of yourself and others around you. Whenever something doesn’t seem right, speak up.

Thank you for trusting us and our Ranger Team. Please feel safe in communicating with us and our Ranger Team if you are concerned for yourself or others.

Thank you for being mindful of how your actions may affect others.

Thank you for being self reliant and properly hydrating and fueling yourself.

Thank you for your participation. We wouldn’t be here if not for you. Thank you for working, creating, playing and communicating authentically. 

Thank you for your support of our artisan partners in our bazaar as we work together to remedy the effects of globalization and commodification by supporting local business.

Thank you for co-creating this community with us, for having fun and bringing your own unique brand of magic. We couldn’t do it without you, and for that we are grateful.