We are only 50 minutes from Brooklyn and 40 Minutes from NYC! There are many forms of public transportation, in addition to driving. 

Bus Directions (Recommended)

Take the Academy Bus Line from the PortAuthority at 42nd St/8th Ave Manhattan directly to Keansburg NJ.  The bus will take you within one block of the festival entrance at 2 Beachway Ave.  Get off at the “Pineview Stop” at the corner of Central/Pineview Ave.  Let the bus driver know that you need to be taken to this stop because it’s been added specifically for the event, and doesn’t exist on the standard schedule.  Even if you miss it (by ending up at the “Main Street” stop), you’ll still only be a few blocks away. Academy Bus Website

Where to buy tickets at the Port Authority:  On 8th Ave level (south wing/lower level) see an Academy ticket agent (windows 25-28).  Let them know you need a “zone 3” ticket to Keansburg and specify round-trip or one-way.  If you need to come back from Keansburg and don’t have a round-trip ticket, you’ll need exact change of 17.00 dollars. 

From Port Authority to Keansburg (will depart from Gate #9)
Morning:  8:00/10:00/12:00
Afternoon:  2:00/2:45/3:00/3:40/4:10/4:30/4:55/5:10/5:35/5:55
Evening:  6:05/6:40/7:00/7:30/8:00/9:00/10:00/11:15/12:30

Morning:  8:00/10:00 AM
Afternoon:  12:00/2:00/4:00 PM
Evening:  6:00/8:00/10:00/12:30 PM

Returning from Keansburg (will depart from “Pineview stop” at the corner of Pineview and Central Ave (one block from festival entrance)
Friday (Only afternoon and evening returns)
12:40/2:40/4:40/6:40/9:40/10:40 PM
Saturday/Sunday (Same as above, except for the two changes mentioned below)
12:40/2:40/4:40/6:40/8:40/10:55 PM


Hitch a ride or offer a ride to someone else in need!  Help cut down on travel expenses as well as your carbon emissions!

We have a system to make this process as easy as possible.  To coordinate CLICK HERE

Bicycle Directions

Biking is one of the fastest ways to the festival, and it's a simple trip. From your location, bike to the Financial District (Pier 11/Wall St) and take the Belford/Harbor Way Ferry to Belford/Harbor Way Terminal (instructions in the Ferry section).  Once in NJ, bike 20 minutes to arrive at the festival.  Click HERE for Google map directions.

Train Directions

NJ Transit leaves from Penn Station NYC. Grab a ticket from the ticket windows or the electronic Kiosks and Hop on the " North Jersey Coast Line" (15 one way, 30 round trip) to Hazlet..  If you don’t have a ticket in advance you can pay cash on the train but it will cost 20 dollars (one way). From Hazlet you can take a cab (about 10 minutes) to the festival grounds at 2 Beachway Ave. Click HERE for NJ Transit tickets and schedule times.

Ferry Directions

Take the ferry from Wall St/Pier 11 (south street seaport) in the Financial district straight across the water New Jersey, and get off at the Belford/Harbor Way Terminal. From there you can take a cab ride (Middleton Yellow Cab - 732-671-4600), or walk (about an hour) to the festival grounds. Click HERE for Google map directions.

These Ferries run on Friday only and will depart from Pier 11/Wall St at the following times:
Morning:  6:25/7:00/7:40/8:10
Afternoon:  3:00/3:45/4:30/5:00/5:30
Evening:  6:15/7:15/9:15
Click here for ferry tickets and ferry times

Driving Directions
Getting to the festival grounds from NYC is quite simple. We are roughly 50 minutes from Brooklyn, 40 from Manhattan, and 1hr and 20 minutes from Philly. Click HERE for Google map directions.