everything you need to know about entry

Can I get a discounted or free ticket?

If your current financial circumstances make a full-price ticket out of your reach, we encourage you to volunteer.


To create a smooth transition, please follow the arrows when arriving in Keansburg to be directed to the correct parking lot and festival entry point. There are various entry points and parking lots for different types of tickets, and we’d rather have you assessed on site to determine where you go.

All guests with vehicles who need to park will require a parking pass. If you show up with a car at Main Gate, you will be directed to the main parking lot to purchase a parking pass.

Entry Process:

1.      If you are a guest with a parking pass

-        If you are a guest with a parking pass, you will be directed to unload your gear, where you will be processed by security and have your luggage valeted directly to the festival grounds. Please familiarize yourself with the camping map in advance, so you can easily choose which shuttle stop you would like the luggage truck to drop off your luggage on site.

-        If you do not have a designated camping space through a theme camp, our staff will be there to guide you as to where there is available space on the beach.

-        Please keep your valuables and personal items with you. You will be directed to a shuttle bus driving from parking to the Main Gate, where you will redeem your ticket for RFID wristband, and go through personal security. Your luggage will meet you at the designated shuttle stops for luggage on the beach.


2.      If you do not have a festival ticket or a parking pass when you arrive at the parking lot, you will be invited to purchase one on the spot, capacity permitting. We strongly encourage ensuring you have purchased festival admission and parking passes in advance as we do not want to turn you away.


3.      For guests who have made other parking arrangements in Keansburg, note that you will need to carry your items from the Main Gate to your camping spot on the beach. The only way to obtain luggage valet service is through purchasing a parking pass. We also cannot guarantee the safety of cars parked on the street in Keansburg.

Gratitude Migration is only responsible for surveillance of cars parked in the official Gratitude parking lot. Street parking in Keansburg is entirely residential and you may be ticketed or towed if you are bothering existing neighbors by parking in their streets, many of whom do not have driveways. Please be mindful in accordance with our values. In order to continue holding this event in this town, we require the utmost in graciousness and respect to our neighbors by avoiding parking on the residential streets.

If you are an artist, contributor or media with a comp parking pass, please funnel yourselves through the parking lot as per the arrows indicated, so your tickets can be checked by our parking attendants to determine where you are parking and checking in. Those with gear or art installations will be able to unload at the artist gate first before returning to the parking lot. Please go to the Parking Entry Area first to ensure your pass is valid for artist entry.

If you are arriving by ferry. There will be a sign on arrival with a phone number to call. Gather with the rest of your Gratitude crew and call the number so a bus can be dispatched to come get you.

Gate Hours:

10am – midnight Friday and Saturday

Sunday 10am – 6p

Do you have group ticket sales available?

Yes! We are proud to introduce our "Theme Camp Incubator" program! Have you and your friends always wanted to offer or build something creative together, but never really finding the place or support to do it? We encourage you to squad up and create!

Group discounts are available for groups of 10 or more, at $50 off per ticket.

Are there press passes available?

If you represent a media outlet or website with a considerable following that is relevant to our story as Gratitude Migration, we invite you to submit a press application so you can come to the event and tell our story yourself. We pay close attention to pre-coverage and look forward to having a great crowd of journalists and storytellers at the event!

Will there be tickets for sale at the gate?

We anticipate this event will sell out, so we HIGHLY recommended advance tickets.

If capacity allows it, we may have a limited number of weekend passes available at the gate for $250, where we’ll be accepting cash, credit and debit cards.

What are your gate hours?

  • Friday, July 14 - 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM
  • Saturday July 15 - 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM
  • Sunday - re-entry only

RFID Wristbands, and entry

You can print your ticket or use your Eventbrite app on smart phones to check in at the festival gate (we recommend going paper-less to save some trees) This year, we will be providing RFID-enabled wristbands at Gate entry which will be linked to your ticket. You can pre-fill your wristband with money that can be used to pay for food and drink throughout the festival or top it up once you're there. If you prefer not to pay for items with your wristband, no worries - we'll have cash and credit card facilities at our vendors onsite; though this may be easiest if you're planning on spending most of your time in a swimsuit

What is the re-entry policy?

Attendees will be able to exit and re-enter the event at any time. 

Are there early entry passes available?

Early entry is only available for participating artists, theme camps and specific volunteers. Any guests arriving earlier than Friday at 10am will be turned away until gates open. Thank you for your enthusiasm but please plan accordingly!

If you are an artist, theme camp or volunteer with a shift on Friday, you will receive further information regarding your camping entry and setup.