What to expect

This year we have partnered with Eventbrite, to enhance our ticketing experience making it more user friendly and a smoother transaction. Tickets can be transferred by Eventbrite's help center. 


After purchasing your ticket, you should receive a ticket confirmation that contains a PDF ticket - BRING THAT TICKET WITH YOU TO THE FESTIVAL. 

We are encouraging the use of e-tickets by presenting it on your phone. Read more abut our sustainability efforts here.


Gate is the first place you will enter when arriving on site. Here you will ID'd, exchange your ticket for a RFID bracelet, and pass a security check. Click here for a list of items that are NOT allowed in the festival. 

RFID Bracelets

We've added a new level of security this year; RFID bracelets. When you arrive at gate, your Eventbrite ticket will be exchanged for a RFID bracelet. There will be checkpoints in various places of the festival grounds, that you will be required to scan your bracelet for access. This is to ensure that participants have a safe and are protected experience. 


Hate carrying cash? Don't want to lose your phone or credit cards? This year we've added a cashless option to your RFID bracelets that will be accepted at all bars and vendors. Cashless can be linked with your credit cards by creating an account here - and we will have various top up stations throughout the grounds. WE WILL STILL BE ACCEPTING CC AND CASH!