Saqib (Skibbles) was born in Lucknow, India. He immigrated to the United States with his parents at the age of two, and settled in Philly, growing up in the surrounding suburbs. His original exposure to music was Bollywood tracks played during family car rides in an '88 Honda Accord. As he grew older, he discovered various forms of rock music--classic, punk, 90's alternative, and metal. He later acquired a fondness for hip hop. This was his initial introduction to electronic music.

Eventually, his roots in the music of 1’s and 0’s turned his attention to the bass-heavy sound of UK dubstep and garage, but his tastes have grown to embrace many bass-centric forms of house music—deep, tech, jackin', and bass house. A bedroom producer on digital audio workstations such as FL Studio, he has used his understanding of frequencies and sound manipulation to quickly pick up the art of DJing.

Saqib started DJing in early 2013, playing late night (and early morning) sets at friends' after parties. Bangarang recognized his talent and added him to the DJ roster. He has continued to accept and create new opportunities over the past years, such as playing live over WKDU 91.7, playing events at Philly's public venues (Kung Fu Necktie, The Saint Lazarus, The Institute, and Bangarang's Monthly events at Trilogy), as well as Regional Mid-Atlantic Burns and festivals —namely Playa del Fuego, where he leads the theme camp, 'Decadance'.

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