theme camp incubator

 Image by Sasha B

Image by Sasha B


What's your summer dream?

Have you and your friends always wanted to create something together? A tea lounge, a yoga studio, an art collective, a theater experience? To design and build a lush community space together under a unified vision and offer your unique atmosphere or something special that you do? 

There’s no better time to step up as a theme camp than at this year’s Gratitude Migration. Get discounted tickets, reserved camping space, early entry, and the opportunity to sprinkle your group’s magic on hELLO Beach. Introducing the Gratitude Migration Theme Camp Incubator 2017!

Remember, every theme camp started as an idea between friends with a place to try it out. We want to empower you to step up and do it!

All Theme Camp Incubator applications are due by April 15, 2017. You will receive a follow up from our Theme Camp Lead to discuss next steps. All camps will be finalized by early May.

This year at Gratitude Migration, we’re excited to announce our first ever Theme Camp Incubator. Open to applicants representing groups of ten or more, you’ll be in contact with our Theme Camp Lead to help you guys get together what it takes to co-create at the beach. 

Perks include: Early entry to mark out your designated space so you can build in peace and enjoy the first day fully; the chance to contribute an activity to the greater collective, and discounted theme camp tickets to your entire posse saving $50 apiece (purchases must be made within 30 days of Theme Camp Approval).

In return, you’ll ensure:

  • A shared living space for you and your crew
  • An offering to the rest of the beach – in your shared space, such as a Tiki Bar, a shaded bedouin lounge, Stretching Center, Advice Booth, or a Cupcake Tea Party! 

*Not to be a killjoy, but we won’t be offering amplified sound at theme camps. Power may be available on approval in discussion with Theme Camp Leads.