We hope you enjoy the festival and your stay at Gratitude Migration. We want you to enjoy yourselves during your stay and also give you some helpful information and also a few rules to ensure you and your fellow campers have the best time possible!

Bell Tent

Check in and Camping INFO

  • Early bird Bell Tent rentals starts at $675 while supplies last and goes up to $800 in July.
  • At the time of check- in you will need to provide a valid ID that matches your reservation.
  • Each tent contains 4 cots, 1 camp table, 1 lantern, throw rugs, and pennants. 
  • The lanterns provided are rechargeable and there will be a charging station provided, try to remember if you used your lantern the night before it may need to charge and to do so in the morning, you can then pick it up later in the day.
  • The tents sleep a maximum of 4 people with 4 cots provided, extra cot rentals are provided on a first come first serve basis, these are limited. You can add 1 additional cot per tent for $20.

Bell Tent Details 

  • The tents are called bell tents and are made of canvas with a heavy ground sheet. 
  • They have 4 mesh windows that can be opened and closed. 
  • The ground sheet zippers to the canvas top and can be unzipped and rolled up on warm days, providing a great breeze. If you have questions on how to do this, let us know. It is important that you zip all your windows as well as ground sheet and door closed during inclement or the chance of inclement weather. This will ensure your stay is dry and comfortable.  
  • We ask that if you spill something that you clean it up and if that is not possible please let us know, stains are not easily removed the more they set in. 

We ask that treat our tents and equipment with the respect that you would have for your own things. We want to ensure that the pre-pitched camping experience can continue and grow and with your cooperation we know this can be a huge success. Thanks so much and enjoy your stay!

If you have any questions or issues please reach out to Festival support.       


Standard Rental Options

2-3 person tent rental

2-3 Person tent rental  $45.00

3-4 person tent rental

3-4 Person tent rental  $55.00

4-5 Person tent rental  $65.00

* Setup/breakdown, sleeping bags, tables, lanterns NOT INCLUDED with 2-3,3-4,4-5 person tent rentals.