Sustainability and Leave No Trace

Gratitude Migration is a Green Festival with a priority on Eco Consciousness, Sustainability, Compassion, Mindfulness, Responsibility and Love. All vendors must be 100% locally and responsibly sourced. Based on studies showing that Animal Agriculture is a leading cause of climate change, Gratitude Migration is now proud to announce that 70% of our food vendors this year will be vegan, in order to minimize our impact on our planet and maximize our eco contribution as a community collectively. Likewise, in alignment with our no-plastic eco policy, vendors will not be offering any plastic or paper supplies. Attendees will be able to bring reusable supplies or purchase biodegradable supplies at our grounds.

Gratitude Migration Summer Dream is an experiment in temporary community that reflects ways we wish to live in the world at large; with creative culture, self expression, compassion, mindfulness and sustainability. A major part of this is the way we impact the land and spaces in which we interact. Our goal is to raise our eco-consciousness to a level that demonstrates a path towards minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability.

From the Boy Scouts to Burning Man, "Leave No Trace" a.k.a "LNT"  is a tenet of responsibility embraced by enthusiasts of sustainable culture around the world.  Summer Dream is a Leave No Trace event. This means that when we all leave Keansburg there will be nothing left to show that we were on site. More than just picking up trash on the ground, LNT is a sustainability attitude that includes rethinking how we manage the things we bring into our physical lives. From an event production level, this means providing education and on-site infrastructure to assist in a transition from a highly consumable and disposable mindset to one one that puts more conscious effort into things like reducing, re-using and recycling.

Summer Dream is also a "Pack It In, Pack It Out" event. As participants, we are each responsible for bringing all our own campsite materials, and leaving our site with everything we brought to the beach. There is no trash collection for personal campsite waste, however we will have several Sustainability Stations on the festival grounds that will allow you to sort and transfer your recyclable materials, food waste and a modest amount of landfill. The stations will be staffed by volunteers to educate and assist.  We will have sanitizer, sunscreen and hydration for your cleanliness and wellness. Festival schedules, eco-education and participant rideshare boards will also be located here.

How can you make a difference and participate in our shared mission? Here are some tips for your weekend with us:

  • When acquiring gear for camping, look to borrow from a friend or find used equipment instead of buying new.  

  • Consider less single use and more reusable items.

  • De-package all of your newly purchased items at the store where you bought them, or at home before you pack.  Remove zip ties, twist ties, plastic wraps, extra cardboard, etc

  • Bring a refillable water bottle. Summer Dream provides water to all participants.

  • GM will be offering free water to refill your reusable containers as well as donating and selling "Boxed Water is Better" eco conscious 73% plastic free boxed water bottles on-site. If you need to buy water off-site, we encourage you to buy boxed water or bring your filled reusable containers. The fishies and mermaids will thank you for living in a clean environment.

  • As part of our "less plastic please" mission, we encourage that you bring your own reusable eating utensils - cup, plate, bowl, fork, knife, spoon, and anything else you might need (coffee or tea cup with lids, straws, water or juice bottle) . There is some awesome eco-ware available online that you can latch onto your gear with a carabiner and will be Gratitude Migration water bottles available for sale on site.

  • Bring a few ziplock bags to store personal hygiene waste, like tooth floss, used tissues, and other items. Bring this back with you to your home waste processing.

  • There is NO GLASS on the beach. This means, if you want to bring alcohol, please transferring to other containers like stainless steel water bottles or other reusable non-glass container.

  • When you are at the event and you see waste, recyclables or other Matter Out Of Place (a.k.a. MOOP), please participate and put it where it belongs. Thank you!

  • Make it a daily practice when you are with us to bring your materials to the Sustainability Stations

We encourage you to be highly conscious of everything you bring and how you will use it. Sometimes, less is more. Bring only what you need and leave the non-essentials at home. With forethought and practice, we can change the way we impact the Earth and each other, forging a new world built from our most imaginative Summer Dream. These practices when brought into our daily lives will lead to a larger transformation in the world around us. Your actions at home in your neighborhood will demonstrate another way of being to others.  You will be the example and enact the change. 

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own reusable supplies or purchase biodegradable compostable supplies on-site. There will be various composting areas to responsibly discard compostable supplies and food material.