Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream is an experiment that reflects ways we wish to live in the world at large. Our goal is to raise our eco-consciousness to a level that demonstrates a path towards minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability.

From the Boy Scouts to Burning Man, "Leave No Trace" a.k.a "LNT"  is a tenet of responsibility embraced by enthusiasts of sustainable culture around the world.  Summer Dream is a Leave No Trace event.

More than just picking up trash on the ground, LNT is an attitude that includes rethinking how we live. This means providing education and on-site infrastructure to assist in a transition from a highly consumable and disposable mindset to one one that puts more conscious effort into things like reducing, re-using and recycling.

Summer Dream is a "Pack It In, Pack It Out" event. Everyone is responsible for bringing your own campsite materials, and leaving the site with everything you brought to the beach. There is no trash collection for personal campsite waste, however we will have several Sustainability Stations on the festival grounds that will allow you to sort and transfer your recyclable materials, food waste and a modest amount of landfill. 

Remember, everything you leave behind doesn't simply disappear! 

Last year there was an alarming amount of trash left in the campgrounds at the festival close. Our team works tirelessly year round to design an extraordinary experience for you and your friends, and yet we are stuck picking up your trash for DAYS. We have to work together as a community to educate, elevate, and instill mindfulness and good practices into our every day lives, on and off the beach. Please help us uphold these values and carry them on with us.