Beyond Duality - Creating Freedom & Abundance

This workshop includes a talk and hands-on presentation of practical tools, breathing exercises and techniques that cultivate presence, balance and centered peace. The talk aims to establish a higher perspective that exists outside duality based systems. Story telling, metaphor and scientific findings are used to impart knowledge, expand the mind and illuminate the pitfalls of duality consciousness. Esoteric wisdom meets quantified science to reveal that there is a higher state of being beyond duality.

Rain Wakefield is a modern esoteric, vibrational scientist and social entrepreneur carrying wisdom from the other side.  Having two near death experiences and multiple out of body experiences, Rain has been given an alternative and holistic perspective on multidimensionality, energy, resonance and the meanings of life.  Rain travels the globe sharing wisdom, offering sound wellness experiences like The Sonic Attunement Sound Journey Meditation, live musical performances with his illumin-S laser harp and DJ mix sets.

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