Mike Maturo

New York-native Mike Maturo recently moved to San Francisco to continue pursuing his interest in information technology and to enjoy the warm vibes of the west coast. His experience with the Golden State started in college, where he graduated from the University of Southern California with a computer engineer and computer science degree. Mike taught computer science in China, traveled the world with Microsoft's Board of the Future, and, at 23, was elected as a Town Councilman in the suburbs of New York City, making him the youngest elected official in the state at the time. Today, with 8 years of business software sales experience, he represents software vendor Relayware as well as the digital City of Osmio.


The City of Osmio is a municipality that was chartered in 2005 at a meeting at the Geneva headquarters of the ITU, an agency of the United Nations. After years of development it is about to be presented to the world. Osmio promotes Internet safety and security through a new security paradigm based around "accountable anonymity." In this session, I'll explain this new information paradigm and opportunity for Internet citizens everywhere.

We invite all people interested in security and safety on the Internet and its future to attend.

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