Plant Medicine of the Amazon- Connecting to the multiverse (Chanting & Icaros)

Laurel Zukowski has studied the shamanic medicine ways of Peru for the past 2 years in South America. Her medicine journey started in Chile before becoming focused in the Mountains and Jungles of Peru. She has studied under the guidance and blessings of the Laika, the Q’ero, the Earth Keepers and the lineage of the high mountain people, Rainbow Mountain, Ausangate, Machu Pichuu, Whynu Picchu, and the ancient Stone altars throughout the land.

Her newest calling was to the jungle where she is now focusing her studies; connecting to the ancient medicine and plant teachers of the jungle. She has been studying one on one with Ayahuasca Shamans, the native Jungle custodians of the medicine, as well as her guides through the intricate multiverse of the medicina. She worked for one month with mestizo shaman of Pucalpa, Marcello Cumapa and one month with native Shipibo grandmother shaman, Celestina.

Laurel will lead us in connecting to the multiverse while sharing chants and icaro medicine songs.

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