One Golden Thread 

We were each born golden, in a state of pure love. We live in a world where we are taught to conform and fit in, and along that path we unwittingly relinquish our power and sense of self, making us feel stuck and our joy paralyzed. One Golden Thread is a simple reminder that we are already Golden, and that at any time we can come home to reclaim our misplaced voice and power.

In this talk, we will begin with a beautiful 9 minute meditation and then share practical wisdom to follow the golden thread back to our hearts and remind that we are all connected as one. This will be a shared experience, your voice will be invited, your gift to contribute. We will complete our time, in a circular golden ceremony, where each of you will walk back to the beach with a golden thread tied around your wrist, sealed with your desired intention - either, pending your choice of wrist, manifesting your abundant grace of receiving, or your moving of your personal mountains.


Jeff Scult believes that we are put on this planet to love, to learn, and to share our gifts. He is a truth seeker, truth seer, and as a newly emerged word artist, now a truth sayer.

An evolving entrepreneur, brand soul architect, and global citizen having traveled in over 33 countries, Jeff's life experiences and encounters with awakened souls inspired his threaded wisdom he now shares openly.

Following his awakened moment in July 2012, Jeff wrote a flowing letter to himself in Fall 2014 of the lessons he had discovered. What he came to find a year later was the words he penned was “not about me, but about we”, our shared journey of the daily dance between dark and light we each go through as humans.

His “floetry” was the ignition switch to pivot his life from commercial ventures and launch public benefit company One Golden Thread, a movement of one (by one by one) to inspire self-love by reminding every one they are already golden, a brand soul consulting business (Consculting) to help conscious businesses find their golden voice, and (in development) a book and podcast sharing his learned threaded wisdom.

Erika Brown