HD Psychek

Radical Re-wiring for the Revolution

Radical Rewiring for the Revolution is a friendly reminder about the personal responsibility that we each have to co-create the world that we envision. De-programming our belief structures from the old paradigm and rewiring ourselves for access to our deepest power.

H.D. Psychek is a certified hypnotist, comedienne and archetypal performance artist. Since 2008, her work has been focused on the investigation, catharsis and healing of the collective human psyche. Most recently, her studies in Jungian psychology, NLP, Eriksonian hypnosis, chakra-system theory and gender politics have been channeled into developing a method for re-wiring limiting beliefs about the self and dismantling systems of oppression that have been programmed on the grossest and subtlest levels  of our subconscious minds.

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