Christopher Salata Peace Accelerators

Christopher Salata is a futurist and prominent peace activist residing mostly in New York City.

He is the co-founder of Peace Accelerators, a peace community in NYC.

Christopher believes and speaks on the capacity of a collective post-scarcity reality— a potential sapien future where undesired human hunger and other various forms of modern basic needs suffering no longer exist — in this reality our conceptual understanding of possessions and currency (trading systems) are drastically different than our developed westernized world today.

Christopher doesn't believe this future will certainly happen, only that it is entirely possible. Seeing this potential as attainable he believes it paramount we not only take time to discuss this cognitive verisimilitude but more importantly a pragmatic roadmap to access this corollary and finally how we invoke necessary, achievable action on the next chronological steps toward the desired result.

Christopher focuses most his energy on peace activism seeing it as the most efficient solution/ best use of his life-force to a healthier global ecosystem.

Christopher believes the more the human species understands the various dimensions of the concept 'peace' the more they will desire to permeate its existence and gain it's numerous benefits. He also believes peace and trust in each other breed hope which accelerate action.

Christopher believes true peace and true freedom are inseparable highly-correlated branches of the same tree.


Christopher's talk will be a discussion centered around ways we design the collective future that we want. 

We will cover transformative and exponential technologies that can assist us in building a post-scarcity future, and most importantly talk about Human's most important technology, 'our imagination'.

Erika Brown