Redefining Work - Aligning Your Heart with Your Living

Beth Weinstein

Beth is a spiritual, soul-based business coach who helps others launch and grow their conscious products & heart-centered businesses, and do work they truly love so they can live a life they truly love.

The Hot topics:

*Overcoming fears to start a business, or do the work you really want to do. *Why you need to bring your gifts and passions out to the world. *Shifting perspectives of "work" and "money". *Simple steps to start achieving your goals. *How to do work you truly love (...and make money with it). *Doing work in alignment with your heart. *The future of work, money and sustainable heart-centered businesses. *How to make money in service to others.

Manifesting techniques for work/money/business goals. *Working with the moon, seasons, and natural rhythms in order to get sh*t done. *Wealth consciousness. *How you do less "work" when in alignment with your calling.  AND MUCH MORE!

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