Betty Blue

Talk Title: How to let go of fear and tap into your creative source to positively impact the planet and yourself from a place of gratitude, self-love and compassion.

Bio: Betty Blue has always been a passionate humanitarian, social justice advocate, animal rights activist and holistic lifestyle coach, and just recently decided to leave the corporate world where she spent 15 years overseeing national events for Fortune 500 companies to travel the world and fully dedicate on honoring her given calling of helping raise the collective vibration of love, compassion, mindfulness, awakening, consciousness and truth seeking through her free-spirited consulting group, coaching network and farming community, Ahimsa. 

Betty is thrilled to take on Gratitude Migration as Ahimsa's 1st undertaking by ensuring the integration of eco-consciousness, sustainability, compassion, mindfulness and education across all content of the festival, from vendors, arts, camps to activities, brand development and more. Some of the initiatives include the introduction of a no-plastic policy, plant based food choices, solar/hybrid/pedal powered areas, biodiesel and renewable energy, composting, eco partnerships and more.

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