Lawrence Miglialo

Title: Starting a Movement

Bio: Co-Founding Member and Chief Cultural Officer of a multi disciplinary organization called Valhalla Movement; a farming community that has taken over 66 acres of what used to be GMO corn & soya but is now turning it into a food forest paradise. When he's not rehabilitating the land he's traveling through Asia as Barefoot College's Head of Marketing, witnessing and enthralling himself in the different, exotic, yet simple lives of indigenous communities to document just how far the human potential can achieve in the most unlikely places. Barefoot College is training rural illiterate mamas to become Solar Engineers and is now working with remote communities in over 74 countries. His raison d'être is to co-create a collective state of being that empowers and encourages each individual to contribute their unique gifts to the world. The methodology is called Freedom Culture and with it proliferates the World we all know is possible in our hearts.


Avi Werde