Gratitude Migration promises to be a unique event with a multitude of stories to tell.

  • We are a "Leave a Positive Trace" festival focused on eco-consciousness and sustainability, featuring environmental partners, an entire lineup of eco-workshops, and the majority of food vendors are responsibly-sourced, sustainable and plant-based.
  • We have partnered with the town of Keansburg and relevant borough and county officials to create a collaborative community between New-York and Brooklyn-based creatives and the locals of Keansburg. Initiatives include beach cleanup; local business collaborations; social media awareness for tourism; and a food drive to assist local families in need. We are looking forward to future partnerships to bring creativity and culture into the community.
  • As a festival focused on expansion, transformation, collaboration and creation, this is not your average music festival. We incorporate speakers, workshops, activities and yoga to encourage complete participation and connection to the present moment. We have brought in a variety of musicians across all genres to cater to all vibes at all times, and are encouraging the practice of Gratitude as a way to integrate the experiences of the weekend into bringing change into the world.

Relevant Press Links  

Our Vision

Gratitude Migration Values & Code of Conduct 

(Complete Festival Guidebook, and Schedule coming soon)


On Eco-Consciousness and Green Initiatives:

Gratitude Migration Eco Partnerships & Initiatives

Sustainability and Leave No Trace


On Music:

Redefining Festival Sounds: Community Collaborations and Unique Beach Setting Creates Variety at Gratitude Migration


On collaborating with Keansburg:

Interview with Mayor George Hoff

Interview with former resident and global DJ Hesh Donnerstag

The Journey to hELLO Beach

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