Big Jawn

Philadelphia, PA

Combining sounds from across the globe, this psychedelic downtempo DJ infuses world, disco, eastern, Indian, flamenco, dub, ambient & electronica into an upbeat spiritual groove sure to move the body as well as center the mind and soul. His mixing style is multi-layered telling a bigger story throughout his sets.

Big Jawn has been a resident Philadelphia Experiment DJ since its inception feeling most at home spinning at sunrise and end of the night sets. His favorite memories as a DJ are playing as the sun is just creeping up and seeking the last bits of energy out of people before they float off to sleep after a long night of dancing. He has opened up for acts such as Shpongle, Younger Brother, and Infected Mushroom.  Be sure to check this DJ out if you are looking for a deep, grooving and uplifting sonic experience.