Setu Tribe

At PEX Summer Fest five years ago, Geri Omni envisioned a group of women performing a tribal dance before the effigy burn. Inspired by the talented, strong and communal integrity of the PEX community, she invited women of PEX to join, asking them to share a pivotal experience of their life and create a movement around that experience.  The movements are choreographed into a dance that honors each woman’s experience and story. 

Setu Tribe provides a platform for each woman to connect to herself, to discover, express and share her unique individual and collective gifts. Helping each other to become the highest version of themselves, which they carry into their families, communities and the world.

The Setu Tribe performance is a gathering of 20-30 women, sharing a 15 minute long, collectively choreographed tribal dance. In addition to creating their own movements, each woman crafts her own costume and before each performance engages in a ritual of painting each other with tribal markings.

Jessica Fortunato