We at Performance describe Gratitude Migration as an immersive, beach front, psychogenic-Jodorowsky trip, just with way more circus. And this year’s Lineup is no exception.

Gratitude Migration is a magnet for top tier talent from around the world, and we are innovating by ushering in fresh faces and special guest performers, never before seen inside the East Coast Transformational Festival circuit!

Through careful and creative curation, we are pleased to bring you round-the-clock programming on three state-of-the-art stages for a cumulatively pyramidal experience of sensorial pleasure with each performance locale popping off with it’s own distinct character of Awesome.

During Gratitude’s three day residency on Keansburg playa, expect: cirque, aerial, fire performances galore with a bevy of mythical creatures gracing the beaches of our sandy Shangri-La. Come peacock and take part in all the Pageantry by participating in our many Parades & Processions. Experience Effigy Burn Night, our culminating event, as an evening of ritualized performance replete with dynamic heart-centered and energy-raising offerings.

But most of all, invite yourself to come home into the sensation of Gratitude for all as you dance amidst the potent tidal energies, under the stars and surrounded by Family.


~Kaytibunny, Performance Director & Performance Team




Lightning Society

 Meet the SKY Gods and let your spirit soar to empyrean heights as Lightning Society entertains with an almost non-stop bonanza of aerial feats. Our spritely team of aerial artists and acrobats bring you all-of-the-things gravity defying, sure to inspire and surprise.Get struck by the striking spectacle and elegance of Evgeniya Entertainment’s sensuous cirque, as they assume the mantle of Lightning Society’s Resident Performance Troupe


Gratitude Mainstage

 Fire walk with me! This year the mesmeric Incendia Geodesic Domes and Interactive Stage returns to Gratitude Migration ablaze and hotter than before. Come dance amongst the flames and immerse yourself in the spellbinding energy of Incendia while being carried away by the volcanic eruption of HOT DAMN that our Performance Headliners have in store for you.


 Come sink, slink and GET DOWN inside the earthly jungle-riffic paradise that is the fertile quadrant known as JunXion Village. Onstage, we have tribal, indigenously rooted soundscapes set to primordial, Kundalini-rising performances sure to get your voodoo boiling.

MC's for the weekend are KatiBunny and Dr. Adventure!


Special Thanks

Costuming by Dana Divine

Masks by Christian Rozakis