Gratitude Migration Content Submission Request

 Gratitude Axis Mundi  - Photo by: Inspired Photography  

Gratitude Axis Mundi - Photo by: Inspired Photography  

Hello Migrators!

Things are really starting to heat up around here, and the excitement for summer activities are building. There’s still plenty of time to put your creativity in motion and bring something amazing to the beach, but don’t wait. Submission deadline is June 15th

This year’s theme: SUMMER DREAM is designed to remind us that the life and world we dream of is within our grasp.  By joining together to declare our dreams with Gratitude and Authentic Connection, we are empowered to make our individual and collective dreams real. Gratitude Migration invites you to share that which you Dare to Dream. 

We are reaching out to our community to bring their dreams and join us in creating a truly collaborative experience. Let us know if you fit into any of the  following categories:

Art and Sculpture 


Theme Camps/Collectives  




Art Boats/Art Cars  


Artisan Bazaar 


If you don't see your category listed above, we still encourage you to participate! Just email us at

At the end of the day, it's all about collaboration and community. We need you and strongly encourage your participation. 

Do you know someone who can contribute? Share this post by copying  and pasting the link on their page :

With love,

Gratitude Migration Team 


Gratitude Migration celebrates the organic movement of NYC's underground Art & Music scene. Each year, thousands of people find themselves in warehouses, event spaces, homes, studios and clubs, experiencing the creative diversity of our beloved city. Our vision is to inspire this amazing creative diversity to take flight and migrate to stunning natural surroundings for a multi-day celebration on the beach!