Music is the universal language and energy that connects us all. You can close your eyes and shut everything out, but you can never close your ears.

This year at Gratitude Migration, we are bringing a world-class lineup that re ects our multi-faceted tastes, and which will complement our environment; the beach, the sand, and the ocean. They will tickle your ears with new sounds, and give you the feeling of frisson: a shiver up your spine.

Although our team is primarily curating the Gratitude Earth and Mandala Biergarten stages, we are also collaborating with crews from New York City, Philly, Baltimore, and California to bring you four additional stage and village environments with vastly di erent distinct vibes and diverse sounds.

We invite you to explore these environments, for you may discover a new genre or artist, or perhaps stumble upon your favorite artist playing a secret set in an intimate environment.

- David Kiss & Mike Grosz, Music Directors


2017 Music schedule coming soon!