Rachel Santos - Tao Tantra Healing Love: MultiOrgasm and the Microcosmic Orbit and "Feel My Heart-On" CONSENT IS SEXY - Super-Cozy-Time Tantric Cuddle Playshop

Rachel is has been playing in the healing arts playground since before she knew what to call it. Dance and poetry are her first languages. She was introduced to yoga, meditation, and breathwork as a child in the theater. She began to do formal training in 1995 with Shiatsu and Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Barbara Brennan-style Healing Touch. With over 20 years of continuing study and practice, she’s fluent in a huge range of modalities. She is a Tao Tantric Arts and a Universal Healing Tao Instructor, as well as an instructor of Anahata Yoga and the 5-Element Form: A Dance of Shiva and Shakti. She is trained in Sacred Cacao Dance Ceremony and much more. Rachel's teaching style (and lifestyle) utilizes sacred silliness as a golden key to unlock the innate joy and unique creative expression that lives inside every human being. She is a devout lover of nature and a dedicated celebrator of life, often in costume. She knows that laughter is medicine and joy is contagious. On her mission to spread vitality, joy and bliss, she combines the wisdom of ancient wellness practices with silly-centric sass and her beloved bananas.