Meirav Ong & Ariela Sharon Canter - Creative Healing Collective

Meirav Ong&Ariela Sharon Canter-Creative Healing Collective

The Creative Healing Collective, started by Ariela Sharon Canter and Meirav Ong, provides a safe space for those experiencing grief + loss to process their emotions through creative expression. Our workshops span all types of creative therapies with the goals to provide opportunities to articulate grief through creative expression and form supportive relationships.

Ariela Sharon Canter

Ariela is passionate about connection: to people, to her body, to the world, to the divine, to nature to everything! She is a fellow with PresenTense and enjoys spending her time surrounded by inspiring social entreprenours diving into the process of turning ideas into realities.  When she’s not learning at Mechon Hadar or working on CHC, she teaches yoga and creates opportunities for people to explore the connection between Jewish ritual, creativity and healing. She dabbles in photography and at night she dances.

Meirav Ong

Meirav is an artist and seeker of goodness. Her work illuminates the spaces between the light and the dark, the chaotic and the calm, and the controlled and the uncertainty that is life. Her current projects include Human Landscapes, a series exploring the relationships and energies of the people that make up our worlds, as well as Women who Kaddish, women’s experiences saying kaddish. She makes ketubot and artwork inspired by Jewish traditions. And she’s addicted to everything glitter. |