Carmen Spicer - "One Flow for The Road" - Revitalizing Vinyasa

 Photo by Myles Heidenreich (@2ndnaturephoto)

Photo by Myles Heidenreich (@2ndnaturephoto)

When Carmen began practicing yoga at age nineteen, she finally found the physical and spiritual practice that she had been craving all her life. In adolescence, she struggled with bouts of anxiety that stemmed from perfectionism. The rituals of yoga helped her find balance and grounding, and her anxiety slipped away.

Carmen completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute in 2015, and is now eager to share the practice of yoga with others who could benefit from it. She believes that by using the tools of breath work, asana, meditation, and self-inquiry, yogis can overcome mental blocks, keep the physical body strong, flexible, and balanced, and find a spiritual connection to oneself. #mindbodyspirit

She also believes it is healthy to live in full self-expression, to give up hiding our true selves for fear of rejection, and to make time for play on and off the mat. During practice, she is mindful of preventing injury, while still encouraging her students to push themselves to the edge of their abilities in order to grow. Her classes are upbeat, playful, honest, confident, and inspiring (kinda like her!).

In her free time she enjoys traveling the world, taking photographs, and writing. She performs her original spoken word poetry onstage, writes & directs plays, and is the creator and co-producer of an event series called The Cabaret Party that provides a platform for artists and performers to live in full self-expression. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.