The Dolomites

the DOLOMITES are Tribal Mestizo Folk and are based in different parts of North America and Japan. Stevhen Koji Baianu  plays accordion, koto, bass, percussion, drums and sings. Local Musicians in every city also join the Dolomites on drums, electronic beats, bass, tuba, violin and other eclectic instruments.

At this current moment in Dolomites history there is a heavy influence from the mystical legends of the 妖怪ーJapanese folkloric monsters mixed in with
The DOLOMITES Library of sounds that cover many genres including Balkan, Cumbia, Gypsy, Tribal, Ancient and Roots, Future and Folkloric musik, animal, natural, supernatural and at times electronic sounds, etc.

The leader and founder, Stevhen Koji Baianu, was a guest member in Balkan Beat Box, as well as a touring member of Gogol Bordello , Reverend GlasseyeGypsylianaMad Juana, and Yerba Buena. The Dolomites entity has been an ongoing and roving project in intervals since it’s original inception in 1998 in a Art Punk House in Portland Oregon. Since then the Dolomites have shifted bases from New York City to Tokyo, Japan to Earth 3.3 and back to California, Mexico and Africa.

The Dolomites family consists of over 70 different members in several different U.S. Cities (Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Atlanta, New York) and Countries including Mexico, Romania , and Japan creating a unique and always fresh show that is never the exact same from city to city, country to country, and planet to planet. 

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