Brooklyn Raga Massive

BRM is an artist collective expanding and representing Indian Classical "Raga" inspired music through diversity and breaking conventional forms.

They are a cooperative alliance between Indian Classical Musicians in the Brooklyn, NYC area. The Massive is a platform for all lovers of Raga music, listeners and practitioners, to get closer to the pulse of NYCs live Raga music scene. The Massive’s collaborative approach towards unifying and building the scene of Raga music in NYC provides the spark for the Brooklyn Raga Massive events and gatherings. Through BRM, artists can network and find a platform to present their work inspired by Indian Classical music as well as get involved with presenting concerts, lecture demonstrations, festivals and educational outreach to all ages. 

Brooklyn Raga Massive is managed by artists, and brings the diverse community of Raga and Indian music inspired artists together. The Massive is dedicated to expanding their audience by breaking conventional formalities, while genuinely presenting and representing a deep love and appreciation of the music, with top-notch Indian Classical and Raga inspired musicians, in all their diversity. Since November 2011, Brooklyn Raga Massive has brought Raga music listening communities together. By hosting local events, presenting a diverse calendar of concerts, lecture/demonstrations, panel discussion, educational outreach program and a two and half year weekly Raga Music Jam Session in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, BRM is part of a Raga Renaissance from Brooklyn to Bombay!

Neel Murgai - sitar, daf
Sameer Gupta - tabla, drum set
Ehren Hanson - tabla
Camila Celin  - sarod
Jay Gandhi - bansuri
Arun Ramamurthy - violin
Shivalik Ghoshal- tabla
Roshni Samlal - tabla
Kane Mathis - oud, kora
Adam Malouf - percussion, handpan, cello
Michael Gam - bass, dilruba

Live StageAvi Werde