Ellis Ashbrook

Ellis Ashbrook Is The Amalgam

In today’s music landscape there is such a heterogeneous conglomerate it can be hard to know what is going to pique interests, perk ears, and satisfy the endless myriad of disparate sensibilities. It’s as fast changing as this week’s series of viral YouTube experiences and ultimately just as bleak. Perhaps it’s the crisis of a generation lost within the self-imposed bondage of pocket computers whose slick screens beget the slippery slope of instant gratification required by the attention deprived. Or maybe, for the great many, music has been relegated to provide a din of barely discernable background static pulsing through the recesses of our cluttered lives. Short of the audiophile and musician himself, who sits down in front of a stereo system to just listen when listening is the only activity, the focus, the means to an end in-and-of-itself? A rhetorical question; certainly, but Ellis Ashbrook has been drudging through this barren wasteland on a desert raft… with an answer. Quality, effort, diligence, and essence will prevail, they must. Combined with the equally disparate interests of the four members of this band, EA is the amalgam of the spirit, the tradition, the artistry of the well-crafted song; the tireless dedication and effort to the craft of virtuosic musicianship, and the restless uncertainty of these rapidly changing times.

David Kiss