HELLO Beach, 2 Beachway Ave, Keansburg, NJ 07734

point your gps to keansburg middle school, 100 Palmer Pl, Keansburg, NJ 07734

You will be directed to the correct parking lot and gate depending on your ticket status.

The festival is located at hELLO Beach, 2 Beachway Ave, Keansburg NJ 07734. It is accessible via public transportation include bus, train, and ferry, as well as by car. All cars require a parking pass. There is no street parking available in Keansburg. Please read on for driver specific information including parking directions.

important parking information

We have limited parking space in Keansburg, all of which require a parking pass to be purchased along with your ticket. We highly encourage carpooling which is not only cost-effective but also environmentally-friendly! Please note that parking on the streets of Keansburg is at your own risk and may result in being ticketed or towed by the Borough. Please help us respect our neighbors and gracious hosts and keep the streets clear while utilizing our parking systems which will enable seamless entry into the festival and direct luggage transport to your camps.


To create a smooth transition, please follow the arrows when arriving in Keansburg to be directed to the correct parking lot and festival entry point. There are various entry points and parking lots for different types of tickets, and we’d rather have you assessed on site to determine where you go.

All guests with vehicles who need to park will require a parking pass. If you show up with a car at Main Gate, you will be directed to the main parking lot to purchase a parking pass.

Entry Process:

1.      If you are a guest with a parking pass

-        If you are a guest with a parking pass, you will be directed to unload your gear, where you will be processed by security and have your luggage valeted directly to the festival grounds. Please familiarize yourself with the camping map in advance, so you can easily choose which shuttle stop you would like the luggage truck to drop off your luggage on site.

-        If you do not have a designated camping space through a theme camp, our staff will be there to guide you as to where there is available space on the beach.

-        Please keep your valuables and personal items with you. You will be directed to a shuttle bus driving from parking to the Main Gate, where you will redeem your ticket for RFID wristband, and go through personal security. Your luggage will meet you at the designated shuttle stops for luggage on the beach.


2.      If you do not have a festival ticket or a parking pass when you arrive at the parking lot, you will be invited to purchase one on the spot, capacity permitting. We strongly encourage ensuring you have purchased festival admission and parking passes in advance as we do not want to turn you away.

3.      For guests who have made other parking arrangements in Keansburg, note that you will need to carry your items from the Main Gate to your camping spot on the beach. The only way to obtain luggage valet service is through purchasing a parking pass. We also cannot guarantee the safety of cars parked on the street in Keansburg.

Gratitude Migration is only responsible for surveillance of cars parked in the official Gratitude parking lot. Street parking in Keansburg is entirely residential and you may be ticketed or towed if you are bothering existing neighbors by parking in their streets, many of whom do not have driveways. Please be mindful in accordance with our values. In order to continue holding this event in this town, we require the utmost in graciousness and respect to our neighbors by avoiding parking on the residential streets.

If you are an artist, contributor or media with a comp parking pass, please funnel yourselves through the parking lot as per the arrows indicated, so your tickets can be checked by our parking attendants to determine where you are parking and checking in. Those with gear or art installations will be able to unload at the artist gate first before returning to the parking lot. Please go to the Parking Entry Area first to ensure your pass is valid for artist entry.

If you are arriving by ferry. There will be a sign on arrival with a phone number to call. Gather with the rest of your Gratitude crew and call the number so a bus can be dispatched to come get you.

Gate Hours:

10am – midnight Friday and Saturday

Sunday 10am – 6pm

Bus Directions

The Academy Bus  departs from the Port Authority at 42nd St/8th Ave in Manhattan directly to Keansburg, NJ.  You can buy tickets at the Port Authority on the 8th Ave level (south wing/lower level) from the Academy ticket agent (windows 25-28). Buy a Zone 3 ticket to Keansburg (noting that a round-trip may be helpful since you'll need exact change of $17 to purchase your return on the bus).

A special bus stop has been added to the driver's route specifically for Gratitude Migration to within one block of the festival entrance. Let the bus driver know you will need to get off at the “Pineview Stop” at the corner of Central/Pineview Ave. If you do miss it, you'll be just a few blocks away at the Main Street stop which is still walking distance.

From Port Authority to Keansburg (will depart from Gate #13)

Morning:  8:00/10:00/12:00
Afternoon:  2:00/2:45/3:00/3:40/4:10/4:30/4:55/5:10/5:35/5:55
Evening:  6:05/6:40/7:00/7:30/8:00/9:00/10:00/11:15/12:30
Morning:  8:00/10:00 AM
Afternoon:  12:00/2:00/4:00 PM
Evening:  6:00/8:00/10:00/12:30 PM

Returning from Keansburg (depart from corner of Pineview and Central Ave)
Friday (Only afternoon and evening returns)

12:40/2:40/4:40/6:40/9:40/10:40 PM
Saturday/Sunday (Same as above, except for the two changes mentioned below)
12:40/2:40/4:40/6:40/8:40/10:55 PM

Ferry Directions

BELFORD/NY WATERWAY FERRY Click for ferry tickets/times  * M-F Only! This ferry does NOT operate on Weekends.

FROM NY: Take the ferry from Wall St/Pier 11 straight across the water to New Jersey and get off at the Belford/Harbor Way Terminal. This should take roughly 50 minutes. From there free Gratitude Migration shuttle transport will be running on rotation to the festival or you can take a cab (Middleton Yellow Cab - 732-671-4600), or bike/walk to the festival ground as well. Click for walking/biking directions
These Ferries run on Friday only and will depart from Pier 11/Wall St at the following times:
Morning:  6:25/7:00/7:40/8:10
Afternoon:  3:00/3:45/4:30/5:00/5:30
Evening:  6:15/7:15/9:15

Click here and scroll down to see a complete “to/from” schedule of this route
Take the ferry from Wall St/E 34th and get off at the Atlantic Highlands Terminal. From there you can take a cab ride (Middleton Yellow Cab - 732-671-4600), or walk 2 hours to the festival grounds. Click for walking/biking directions
These Ferries run on Fri/Sat/Sun and will depart from Wall St/E 34th at various times


Click HERE for NJ Transit tickets and schedule times.  NJ Transit leaves from Penn Station NYC. Grab a ticket from the ticket windows or the electronic Kiosks. Hop on the " North Jersey Coast Line" (15 one way, 30 round trip) to Hazlet.  If you don’t have a ticket in advance you can pay cash on the train but it will cost 20 dollars (one way). From Hazlet you can take a cab (about 10 minutes) to the festival grounds at 2 Beachway Ave.(Middleton Yellow Cab - 732-671-4600) 


Hitch a ride or offer a ride to someone else in need!  Help cut down on travel expenses as well as your carbon emissions!  We have a web-based system to make this process as easy as possible. To coordinate CLICK HERE.


Biking is one of the fastest ways to the festival, and it's a simple trip. From your location, bike to pier 11 and and take the NY Waterway “Belford/Harbor Way Ferry” to “Belford/Harbor Way Terminal” or the Seastreak NY/NJ Ferry to “Atlantic Highlands Terminal” (more details in the Ferry section) Once in NJ, bike 20-40 minutes (depending on ferry you choose) to arrive at the festival.  Click HERE for Google map directions. To get back on Sunday you’ll need to take the Seastreak Ferry because the NY Waterway option wont be available. 

Driving Directions

Getting to the festival grounds from NYC is quite simple. We are roughly 50 minutes from Brooklyn, 40 from Manhattan, and 1hr and 20 minutes from Philly. Remember to input Google Map directions depending on which parking lot you are going to.  Please ensure you buy your parking passes online before arrival to avoid congestion at Gate or at Parking Lots.