Brink Jones

Christopher Diorio, also known as Brink Jones, or simply Brink, is a multi-media visionary artist. His style draws from the surreal, the fantastical, the sublime, and the intricate inner workings of the mind. Skilled in painting, drawing, goldsmithing, wire wrapping, skateboarding, t-shirt designs, flowing, creating, finding crystals, seeing the silver lining, and… the Unknown.

Together we can create anything imaginable. By opening these portals of our creativity we learn how to enjoy life to the fullest by letting all of these aspects of our inner selves become creations to be enjoyed by our eyes & energies. Here you will find custom gifts for any occasion made with love to inspire joy unique to each individual it is made for.

Various mediums are as follows but not limited to; Jewelry, Paintings/Drawings, Tattoo Designs, T shirts & designs, 3 Dimensional Sculptures, Video Art, & Murals.


Avi Werde