Killin H8 (Sir Kn8 & Hila the Killa)

KILLIN H8 (SIR KN8 and HILA THE KILLA) are a hip-hop duo based in NYC. The core of their music is humorous and philosophical lyricism, expressing deep thoughts with light hearts on optimistic, early-90's-inspired beats.

They are both independent artists in their own right (Sir Kn8 as a rapper / producer, Hila the Killa as a rapper / comic / performance artist), and have lately been collaborating on stages and recording projects. Sir Kn8 builds beats live with a sampler wearing a colorful onesie, while Hila the Killa dances and does handstands and other acrobatics, amidst which they pass the mic and go song for song rapping. It sounds like if a combination of Saul Williams and Gift of Gab made twin babies with a combination of Queen Latifah and Sarah Silverman, and those babies grew up listening to De La Soul (which such babies probably would anyway). 


Killin H8 Instagram: @killinh8
Sir Kn8 Instagram: @sirkn8
Hila the Killa Instagram: @hilathekilla