Schneur Menaker aka Shnay, grew up on the sandy shores of Miami listening to a blend of classical and jazz at home and latin influenced rhythms on the street corners. 

He studied classical piano and jazz improvisation till his teenage years where he was moved to a Jewish boarding high school in Chicago. Hidden beneath his bed he bought an electric guitar and secretly learned the blues when no one was around. 

After moving to New York in late 2008 he started numerous live band projects while learning photography. Photography became a source of inspiration and income for the first years living in New York while neglecting his music skills and leaving it for special occasions. 

After attending a Nicholas Jaar show in 2012 Shnay feeling inspired, decided to pursue a music career once again. This time focusing on the electronic capabilities of our modern world.

The music is layered and introspective, drawing influence from the sounds between the silence, and experimenting with out of the box hardware. Shnay will release his debut album around summer of 2017.