Brooklyn Gypsies

The Brooklyn Gypsies are a group of NYC based musicians/ producers whose artistic influences draw from their unique cultural backgrounds. Originating from Spain, Japan, Russia, Italy & U.S.A. the gypsies came to be in 2012 within the Williamsburg Brooklyn Studio BPM music scene. Members include: Carmen Estevez, Takuya Nakamura, Tina Kristina, Brandon Lewis, Troy "Mobius" Simms & Zeb "The Spy From Cairo". After a number of collaborative projects between the artist were explored the opportunity to form a band that incorporated elements from each project arose. The groups sound is an infusion of Mediterranean, North African, Arabic Themes with Electronic, Dancehall and Reggae DUB... The term "Gypsy" was incorporated into the band name representing the nomadic spirit & way of life within this musical journey.