Travis Kavovit, aka "Travisty" has spent the last 15 years perfecting his craft and honing his skills around the tri-state area. His wide musical interests keep him from being pigeonholed into any one genre, he mixes, cuts, and blends a broad range of musical styles while keeping heads nodding and bodies moving, creating an eclectic party-rocking experience.

He has held residencies and played the biggest venues all over New York City, and is currently in his 6th year as resident at Affaire (formerly China1) where you can find him melting eardrums every weekend. He has opened for a long list of talent including such artists as DJ Icey, Huda Hudia, DJ Funk, Freq Nasty, Paul Johnson, Charles Feelgood, Scottie B, Rob Swift. Equally at home in front of packed dance floors as he is in an intimate lounge, he is known as much for his unique musical selections as the seamless way he weaves it all together.

Travisty thrives on expanding his musical knowledge and is in an endless search for new music and styles to keep even the most cynical party goers shaking it on the dance floor. His sets traverse a broad spectrum of styles - forward thinking underground sounds, familiar classics, hip hop, club-bangers, rock, and much more - all blended together to perfection. His energy behind the decks is contagious as he dances just as hard as anyone on the dance floor, so whether at a club, lounge, house party, or rave, having Travisty on the 1's and 2's is a guarantee for a booty shaking great time.