Thornato (Live)

At this point in time Thornato is a part of the fabric of emerging cultural trends in a globally-connected 21st century. Born in the northern woodlands of Sweden, his Cypriot mother encouraged his musical leanings at a young age. Thor grew up in a household filled with traditional Greek, African and Caribbean music. In early childhood his family relocated to New York, a city whose cultural diversity further influenced his style and taste. Thor added to his rich musical palette by studying classical piano, jazz guitar and bluegrass banjo. He showed a penchant for the ‘art of remix’ at an early age when he couldn’t help tinkering with classical piano arrangements.

Between his flights to India to produce music for Bollywood films, recording extensively in South Africa, Colombia, Kenya and beyond, touring with Beats Antique, and playing in clubs worldwide, he’s amassing tracks that people are waiting for with open arms. Thor’s breakout tune “Gaita Gaita” has been sampled thousands of times by producers all over the world, and has become a certified hit record in South America. A string of remixes and a couple of rare song releases later, Thor’s groundbreaking 'Things Will Change' EP was released via Wonderwheel in 2016 garnering massive buzz and record sales, resulting in a European tour and a Boiler Room showcase.

Thornato’s experience as a multiple-instrumentalist shines through in his versatile music expression. He’s just as likely to crank out a slamming Dancehall tune; as he is to produce a deep trance-inducing beat laced with field recordings from his travels. There are no boundaries when it comes to Thor’s cadre of sonic inspiration.