Camping & Facilities

How far will I be walking with my gear?

We will be arranging shuttles from the parking lot as well as beach buggies to help you get your gear from gate to your campsite. However, the waiting times may be long so please be aware that if you choose to walk, the festival grounds are roughly twenty minutes from one end to another, and with the sand that can take a little longer. We recommend packing light and helping a friend who may need it!

I really am not so into this camping thing. Anything else I can do?

We will have pre-pitched tents available for reservation as well as tents and sleeping bags for rental; but for those who really truly can’t bear to camp, we also have full-service Bell Tent Packages including all the amenities and comforts of home, pitched on the beach next to your friends at camp. If you prefer, there is also limited RV parking; and if you’re really stuck, there are some accommodations in the town of Keansburg.

Are there restrooms and showers on-site?

There will be porta-potties in various locations around the beach and parking area. There are also showers available on the boardwalk just near the porta-potties, but be mindful the lines can get long – don’t forget you’re just a few steps from the ocean!

Is there any access to power or charging stations?

There is no power on the beach. Approved vendors and theme camps will be provided power where necessary. Personal solar driven generators are allowed in the camping area. However, gas is restricted for safety reasons. We will have limited charging stations available at LNT & Sustainability Stations, however please be mindful that since power is limited, we recommend charging up what you need beforehand and learning to live as off-the-grid as possible - it's only three days!

Where can I get water?

There is no running water on the beach, however we will have large tanks of drinking water available for refilling for your personal needs. Additionally, we will also be selling Boxed Water is Better at numerous locations throughout the event. In order to show our Gratitude for the environment, we encourage you to use a reusable, refillable bottle (available to purchase onsite) rather than plastic bottles, which do harm to the fishies and mermaids. 

Can I get some ice?

Ice will be available for sale at center camp; along with organic coffee and snacks. You can also pick up ice at local vendors in Keansburg nearby.

What Food options will be available onsite?

We have partnered with local vendors in the New Jersey area, focusing on sustainable plant-based produce to provide food that is as environmentally conscious as it is delicious. Our food truck lineup will be located just outside the gate and we’re proud to announce we have Shore Shack returning this year along with newcomers Nyota's Ting, The Deep End NYC, Zuzu Confections, Chicken Daddy, Cheese Street Foodtruck, and Try Vegan NJ

Are there cooking facilities on site?

No cooking on open flames is permitted in the camping area. Propane or coal grills are permitted in the designated Culinary Cove picnic area, which is located near the Gate.

Can we bring alcohol on site?

NJ Law does not allow alcohol to be brought into the festival grounds. Note that there will be alcohol available for sale on site. 

I don’t like camping. Can I bring my RV? Or is there anywhere else I can camp?

Yes! There is limited RV parking, available with the purchase of an RV parking permit. Note that there are no RV services on the grounds, but if you’re looking to “glamp”, there will be full-service Bell Tent Camping Packages available too. You are also welcome to look into local accommodations in New Jersey, as entry and re-entry will be permitted. 

You’re on the water. So… Can I bring a boat?

YES! We encourage boat owners to deck out their boats, load them up with friends and drop anchor just offshore. There are Coast Guard guidelines, so register here, and the Gratitude Migration's Harbormaster will be in touch to coordinate.  See our 'Boat FAQ' page for more details. 

Are there any limitations on camping or rules I should know?

Please camp only in authorized areas. Remember, this is a residential area, and we’re grateful to the residents of Keansburg for hosting us here.

Can I bring amplified sound?

This is a communal camping ground, so no amplified sound systems will be allowed in the camping area. Boomboxes and iPod speakers are fine, but try to keep the noise low, especially late at night when your neighbors might be trying to catch up on sleep.

Avi Werde