Sonic Attunement Sound Journey Meditation is a live, intentional sound offering designed for personal transformation. The experience begins with a brief talk on sound and how this relates to well being and states of consciousness. The talk is followed by group breathing exercises and then group sounding in the form of toning. As the group sounding naturally fades, the meditative sound journey begins. Sonic Attunement has been presented at events of all sizes, hosted in private spaces, sacred places, festivals and art museums.

The Sonic Attunement experience implements non-western tuning systems that are designed to work with the human body and consciousness in a more harmonious way when compared to modern tuning systems.  The experience focuses on applied sound for personal transformation, sound as a healing modality.  Gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, modern electronics and specialized algorithms design by Philip Joseph mix in a blend where future meets primitive.  The experience is designed to balance the body by accessing the central nervous system with sound.  In this way a state of calm and balance is created through the laws of resonance.

The creator of Sonic Attunement, Philip Joseph sits as the central foundation for the experience.  The journey can be lead by an single individual or curated to involve other sacred musicians, sound workers and sonic healing practitioners.

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