$mall Change

Small Change (aka Jim Dier) will never stop. A musical addict, he’s been collecting
and DJing for 20 years, has 10s of thousands of records, in every conceivable genre
and time period. Seriously deep crates in funk, jazz, blues, soul, Latin, reggae, 
dancehall, hip hop, house, breaks, jungle, booty bass, classics, rock n’ roll, punk, 
vintage RnB, disco, down tempo, ambient, experimental, tropical bass, etc.

In terms of radio, Jim has been involved with WFMU, the world renown freeform
station, for 15 years, did shows for East Village Radio for 3 years, been involved with
BMIR (Burning Man’s official station) for 8-9 years, plus guest sets on AOL’s dance
station, Giant Step’s Jukebox, Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space show, WPS1 (PS1′s
online station), and KUCI in Irvine.

Out in clubland Jim has played in every conceivable downtown NYC/BK venue you
can think of, swank, underground, big, small–but always funky. He’s also played in
LA/SF (Do-Over, Root Down, Funky Sole, Afro Funke, Afrolicious), Germany, France, 
England, Holland, Burning Man, Pex festival, Australia and Costa Rica

Jim also runs the ‘Blackcrack List’, an information / resource / email list about
record collecting. Its been running for over 10 years and has over 400 DJs, 
collectors and black belt crate diggers from around the world.