Muffs and Mykola

On an inexorable quest for the perfect vibe, Julian Connor (muffs) and Mykola Smith (mykola) have combined to create an indelible impression on New York City’s nightlife. As resident DJs of vyvn, a NYC based Burning Man camp, they’ve curated and shared an aural aesthetic across a multitude of events ranging from unsanctioned parties in deep Brooklyn to Manhattan clubs such as Cielo and Flash Factory. Along the way they’ve shared the stage with the likes of: Chaim, Behrouz, Thugfucker, Goldcap, Tara Brooks, Davi, and many others.

Having met by sheer happenstance, Mykola and Julian congenially began DJing events together in 2009. Their style is an eclectic mix of dancefloor centric house, deep house, and techno.

Avi Werde