Iman Rizky

IMAN RIZKY was bred on house beats from the early '80s and '90s.  His relationship with dance music back then was a transcendental experience every weekend at places like New York City's Red Zone, the Tunnel, Limelight’s Disco 2000, the Sound Factory, and the legendary Twilo.  Iman became a promoter for the Tunnel, Limelight, and the Palladium during the club scene era of the late '80s.  His immersion in the heyday of club culture in NYC prompted the pursuit of his true life-long passion of DJing. With his extensive knowledge of dance music from both participation and promotion, he was able to cultivate a unique DJ sound to call his own.  As the club scene era wound down and the dance music scene went underground in the early 2000s, Iman formed the party production group, Ku-Deta, which put together events stateside as well as internationally.  Around the same time, he started his weekly DJ residency at SEA in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he continues to play on Fridays and Sundays.

Ku-Deta provided a precursory template for ebb + flow music, an NYC-based production company that Iman Rizky founded with Gavin Stephenson in 2013.  The underground parties of ebb + flow music have brought consistent high quality music and an undeniably contagious vibe to the dance music scene.  As an ebb + flow resident, Iman's DJ sets are laden with minimal groovy beats layered with melodic sounds that build in a cycle of high peaks and low valleys.  He takes the crowd on a thrilling roller coaster ride of music that elevates the mind, moves the body, and satisfies the soul.  In the summer of 2014, Iman took ebb + flow to another level with collaboration on music production with Justin Marchacos and Gavin Stephenson.  The trio became Second Format and has been producing tracks with driving bass lines and catchy, danceable hooks.  Track releases are slated to come out early this year on Cityfox and beyond.

His constant motivation, desire to please and ability to bring people together to enjoy great music have made him one of the most respected and innovative DJs of today’s music scene.  He has shared spots alongside world class artists including Bill Patrick, DJ Three, Jamie Jones, Matt Tolfrey, Mark Ashken, Steve Porter, Italoboyz, Derek Plaslaiko, Terry Francis, MyMy, Wof+Lamb, Randall Jones, Alexi Delano, Par Grandivik, Camea, Tim Xavier, Charles FeelGood, Pig & Dan, Luis Diaz, Akiko Kiyama, Patrick Batemen, Pete Bones, Kate Simko, Pier Bucci, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves, Vincent Casanova, Pattern Drama, Justin Marchacos, Jon Charnis, Hoj, Luca Bachetti, Mark Slee, Mike Khoury, Atish, Behrouz, Butane, Clint Stewart, DAVI, Maxi Storrs, Mikey Lion, Oona Dahl. Tara Brooks, YokoO, Tim Green, Dance Spirit, Dave DK and many more.

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