Gavin Stephenson

Gavin Stephenson grew up influenced by an eclectic range of music spanning from the Beatles and Led Zepplin to the Clash and the synth pop of the '80s. When he discovered dance music in the late '90s, it all came together and took off from there. Gavin has been involved in dance music since he started DJing and produced his first party in 1998. He was the resident and a co-founder of the Spectra and Positive Pressure parties in New York City. By 2003, Gavin was DJing both stateside and internationally, with stops all over the U.S. and Europe, in Canada, Central America, South America, and North Africa. Between 2004 and 2006, he traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe playing as a label DJ for the Swedish dance label, Digital Structures.

In 2013, Gavin Stephenson became one of the founders of ebb + flow music, an NYC-based production company known for some of the best underground parties in the scene with consistent high quality music and an undeniably contagious vibe. As an ebb + flow resident, Gavin graces the crowd with funky bass lines, deep grooves, and forward-thinking music in every one of his sets. His ability to read the crowd and give it the necessary energy to thrive is a trademark of the musical journeys that he creates. During the summer of 2014, Gavin took his love of dance music to another level with collaboration on music production with Justin Marchacos and ebb + flow co-founder, Iman Rizky. Their work together spawned Second Format, a trio which has been producing tracks with driving bass lines and catchy, danceable hooks. Justin and Second Format's Giants EP was released on the Cityfox label earlier this year and charted in the Top 10 on Beatport within its first week.

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